Hi, I’m Heather

A compassionate, intuitive, and knowledgeable massage therapist.

Hi, I’m Heather Campbell, LMT, a skilled and experienced massage therapist specializing in a range of therapeutic techniques. With a passion for promoting wellness and relaxation, I offer a variety of services to cater to my client’s specific needs.

As a dedicated practitioner, my expertise encompasses prenatal massage, providing nurturing care for expectant mothers to ease discomfort and enhance their well being during pregnancy.

I am also trained in hot stone massage, utilizing smooth, heated stones to melt away tension and induce a profound sense of relaxation. This therapeutic modality combines the benefits of heat therapy with soothing massage strokes, leaving my clients feeling renewed and rejuvenated.

In addition, I offer cupping, an ancient healing practice that promotes circulation, relieves muscle tension, and releases toxins. This technique can be incorporated into a session to enhance the therapeutic effects and assist in achieving optimal results.

To further enrich my clients’ experience, I often integrate MET (Muscle Energy Technique) and assisted stretching into my sessions. These techniques help improve flexibility, release tension, and enhance overall mobility.

With a focus on providing personalized, therapeutic massage, my treatments are tailored to address individual needs and concerns. I strive to create a nurturing and healing environment for my clients.



How did you get into your field?

I worked in the financial industry for a decade. Although, I had built a nice career over that time, I did not feel fulfilled in my career and decided to pursue my calling of becoming a massage therapist. I’ve always enjoyed working with people and working with my hands. It grounds me. It brings me so much joy to assist people in their healing journey. I have found the saying “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life” to be true since becoming a massage therapist. 

What is your training background and how long have you practiced?

I graduated from SHI Integrative Medical Massage School in 2019 and I am currently attending the Academy of Clinical Massage and working towards an orthopedic massage certification and national massage therapist licensing. I am also certified in Prenatal Massage, MET and Cupping. Prior to starting my practice, I worked under the direction of chiropractors and physical therapists for years by performing targeted deep tissue massages

Who influenced your career path (who have you enjoyed learning from, mentor, etc)?

There have been many people, from teachers to colleagues to clients, that have influenced my career as a massage therapist. I am constantly inspired and motivated by those around me. 

What makes you love your field?

I love working with people and I aspire to help people find relief and effectively manage pain while maintaining/reclaiming their quality of life.  I also love to learn and massage is a field of study and practice in which I know I will never stop learning and growing as a therapist and as an individual.


What kind of clients do you love working with?

I enjoy working with a variety of clients. I genuinely enjoy people and building lasting relationships. I hope to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives through my work as a massage therapist.

What sets you apart?

I am compassionate and intuitive; and I have a strong desire to help and comfort others.  I love to learn and I put my all into helping my clients to heal.

What’s your mission?

To provide first-rate massage therapy treatment tailored to the individual clients’ needs in order to improve health and maximize quality of life.